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Birthing Positions

standing ...

sitting when tired...

kneeling ...

squatting ...

Putting your arms round your partner's neck or against a wall, swaying your hips.

Kneeling and leaning forward on a birthing ball rolling backwards and forwards.

Using something to grip like a chair and kneeling on the floor using gravity.

Sit astride a chair as upright as possible to aid gravity.

Due to the loose fit and extended length of the Bamboo Birthing Shirt, you will feel less exposed and therefore more relaxed in whichever birthing position you are in.


Using upright positions and movement in labour helps your baby into a better position to move down into the pelvis and birth canal and helps to ease the discomfort.


Please note the illustrations below are intended to show the versatility of the birthing shirt in various birthing positions only, please consult your midwife for expert advice on birthing postions and which is best for each stage of labour.

all fours ...

The supported squat, where your partner supports you through contractions, in an optimum position for pushing.

squatting all fours kneeling sitting to help baby decend sitting when tired standing

rocking on a birthing ball...

Sitting on a birthing ball, with your feet a comfortable distance apart, rock from side to side to help the baby's head descend.

active phase

for delivery

transitional phase

for delivery

transitional phase

transitional phase