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Hello, I'm Lindsey Benson, the founder of The Birthing Shirt Company.  


This is my blog where I hope to keep you updated on news regarding our company, relevant articles and helpful tips on birth preparation.

How kangaroo care and skin-to-skin contact can increase breast milk supply.

By LINDSEY BENSON, Jan 2 2015 11:36AM

Kangaroo care is a method of holding a baby, either premature or full term, that involves skin-to-skin contact immediately after giving birth and beyond, that will soothe and calm your baby and will aid in their development.

Straight after birth the baby is placed directly next to the mothers skin, on their bare chest upright between their breasts with a baby blanket or mother’s clothes covering his or her back.

This snuggling of the infant inside the pouch of the mother’s clothes, experiencing her warmth, smell, and familiar heartbeat will feel like a warm "womb with a view" to the baby much like a kangaroo's pouch, hence the term "kangaroo care."

What are the benefits of kangaroo care / skin-to-skin contact?

Results from studies on mother-Infant skin-to-skin contact suggest that this type of contact has several benefits to both mum and baby.

The benefits of kangaroo care / skin-to-skin contact to your baby include:

• A happier baby

• More successful initiation of breastfeeding

• Better regulation of their body temperature

• Elevation in their blood sugar

• Stabilization of the baby's heart and respiratory rates

• Improved oxygen in their blood

• Spend more time in deep sleep

• More rapid weight gain

• Decreased crying

• Earlier hospital discharge

The benefits of kangaroo care / skin-to-skin contact to the mum include:

• Improved bonding

• Feelings of closeness with their babies

• Increased breast milk supply

• Increased confidence in ability to care for their babies

• Increased confidence that their babies are well cared for

• Increased sense of control

With all this in mind Bamboo Birthing Shirt from The Birthing Shirt Company has been designed with a convenient extended pop down front especially for the purpose of skin-to-skin with your baby post birth.

For more information on the many benefits to a bamboo birthing shirt for pregnancy, labour, breastfeeding and bonding please visit the website:-

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Nov 18 2020 08:49AM by Kerri

It looks like you've misspelled the word "jewellery" on your website. I thought you would like to know :). Silly mistakes can ruin your site's credibility. I've used a tool called in the past to keep mistakes off of my website.


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