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After considering various eco-friendly fabrics we decided bamboo jersey would be ideal for our garments.


Bamboo jersey is not only extremely soft and comfortable, it offers a host of advantages for both the wearer and the earth.  All our birthwear contains Bamboo fibre, harnessing the natural powers of this wonderful sustainable fabric.


Reasons why bamboo jersey is the perfect choice for our birthwear


  • A durable yet superb fabric softness

  • A beautiful silky lustre to give a feminine finish

  • Crease-resistant so no need to iron

  • Better moisture absorption than cotton

  • Thermal-regulating, ‘cool in summer‘ and ‘warm in winter’

  • Superior ventilation and wonderfully breathable

  • Natural anti-bacterial and anti-static properties

  • Natural UV protection

  • Naturally hypo-allergenic

  • Reduces odour


Reasons why bamboo itself is so ecological


  • It is a sustainable, fast-growing, naturally regenerative plant

  • It is grown without pesticides or fertilizers

  • Absorbs greenhouse gasses and releases oxygen

  • Is organic and biodegradable


Bamboo jersey is machine washable, holds and keeps its colour and is quick to dry. It is made up of 65% bamboo, 28% cotton and 7% spandex (elastane).


The 65% bamboo fibre is enough for all its unique elements to work, and the advantage of the bamboo/cotton mix over 100% bamboo is a better quality feel.


The 7% Spandex makes the jersey fabric stretch for a better fit and support throughout your pregnancy, expandability for your bump and wonderful shape recovery so it can be worn post pregnancy.

From the review by Sharon Donnelly, ' I ♥ Motherhood '

"..During labour it’s great as it’s loose fitting and it’s bamboo fabric allows is moisture absorbing and is breathable!.."

From the review by Leila Gregory, 'Bubs 'n' Bubs''

Why Bamboo?

"..The fabric keeps you really cool, which is great for during labour as it's a hot and sweaty process!!.."

Certified to OE 100 STANDARD Global organic textile standard Certified to OE blended standard

"..I was keen on the idea of the bamboo as I had seen wipes for babies made of bamboo and they were really soft and more ethical, so the idea of the bamboo birthing shirt seemed like a really good option..."

From the customer S.Clarke


For further information on the production of Bamboo yarn and textiles, the Wikipedia page explains the manufacturing processes in more detail.